Messaging clients back and forth, confirming what days and times they can do, chasing them for deposits really can be a whole job in itself! 

With KiBook you can make your booking link available on your website and socials so that clients can book an appointment day or night! You can enjoy your holiday without worrying about mountains of DM’s, you can focus on your work without your phone constantly going, you don’t have to carry a paper diary around with you or constantly check your bank to see if bank transfers have been sent!

Clients can pay a deposit at the time of booking, this means you have payment upfront to cover any potential appointment costs and can ensure that only clients who are willing to attend will actually book in!

The client’s card details are securely captured so that you may charge the final balance if the client prefers card instead of cash or in the event of a no show! 

Payments are deposited into your bank account within 3 days by Stripe. We recommend downloading the Stripe app to view and track your payments.

Manage your account and set custom options to work for you and your clients!

– Set your address to private (optional)

– Set any breaks between clients you wish

– Set regular working hours OR if your working hours change weekly you can manage your diary this way too!

– Set how many days in advance clients can book appointments

– You can allow clients to book on your public booking link OR set this to private and send out a customer booking link to clients

– Customise your booking confirmation emails to include any appointment info and terms and conditions!

– You can password protect your KiBook account to only allow certain clients to book appointments! 
– Customise the colours on your account to match your branding!

Sell products or gift vouchers through your KiBook online store! On top of accepting bookings and deposits you can also sell items on your KiBook account, customers can add items to their cart and however you choose to get items to clients is up to you! 

Got something you already sell in store? Why not put it online to encourage further sales out-with opening hours!

Accept bookings for services, training/classes! When setting up a service you can select how many clients are able to book this at the one time!

For example, set the number to 10 and it will allow 10 different clients to book onto the one space for a group class or training. 

KiBook is a small business from Glasgow, we launched the platform as a way to manage our own self employed businesses and we realised how much it could help others. We are committed to helping our KiBook Family and we’re available to speak to by email, facebook and instagram. 

Please keep in mind when you speak to us there’s just three of us (Ashley, Andrew and Laura) you are not speaking to a call centre team and our goal is to support you to the best of our abilities 

We keep everything at KiBook as affordable as possible, we don’t believe in a platform that charges “new client” fees and anything that makes it too expensive for you to run your business on top of the already expensive costs of stock/rent etc. 

Single User
£10 Per Month

  • 1 User
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Unique Calendar
  • Take Deposits
  • Charge No Shows
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bookings

Multi User
£20 Per Month

  • 5 Users or Locations
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Take Deposits
  • Charge No Shows
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bookings

Multi Plus User
£35 Per Month

  • 10 Users or Locations
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Take Deposits
  • Charge No Shows
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bookings

*custom plans available, email
*accounts can be upgraded any time

Accept bookings 24/7

Manage your diary publicly or privately
Clients can book appointments 24/7
Create custom services, bookable on certain days of the week + allows add-ons
Group bookings (allow more than 1 client to book into a time slot)

Confirmation + Reminders

Confirmation email + receipt is sent to you and the client at the time of booking.
Reminder email is automatically sent to clients 48hrs ahead of a booking!

Staff Settings

Multiple staff members on one account with custom working hours, services and prices as well as account logins.
Add staff members or multiple locations.
Staff can offer their own services and booking calendar.

No shows + Payments

Customers can pay deposits/ any custom amount to secure bookings/ orders by card payment. These are deposited into your bank account within 3 days by Stripe
Full balance charges are possible in the event of a no show/late fees.

Sell Products

All KiBook accounts come with a built in store for you to sell any products or gift vouchers.
Simply upload product photos to your KiBook, set the price and start selling!

Login on any device!

KiBook can be used on ANY device, any time, any where! Just login to KiBook in your browser through the website or through the KiBook app

Available on The Apple Store and The Google Play Store now!

Send mass emails

Send mass emails or newsletters to your KiBook clients - mailchimp integration
Each KiBook account has a custom QR code to direct customers to your booking link + custom branded social media cards to post.
Ask us for help with newsletters!

Promo Codes

Create custom promo/gift voucher codes, clients can enter these at checkout to receive discounts or to redeem a gift voucher.
Write the code on gift vouchers sold in store or promote promo codes through social media!

Custom Settings

All settings are fully customisable to suit any business type! Send private booking links for custom bookings/ orders by clicking on your calendar. Custom theme your KiBook with your branding colours, your booking page and client emails will match too!

KiBook Appointment Software

Bookings made easier with KiBook. Designed as an all in one package for small businesses across the UK!
Allow clients to book appointments, receive deposits, send newsletters and sell products through your own online store.

No hidden fees, 30 day free trial, cancel any time!

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