New Service Page, come one, come all!

As always we are working on improving our systems and rolling out new features to suit our user’s needs. We have taken on feedback directly from our users and applied this to our methods in the hopes of making our appointment software easy to use and functional for small businesses!

Okay, so the first thing we changed is the Services screen! We used to have one page for Services and one for Categories, we have scrapped this and opted for an all in one page which we believe is easier to manage. 😊

New overall look to modernise, keeping things are organised as possible and ensuring everything is easy to read on all devices. Our hint boxes are now expandable so they can be neatly tucked away!

Categories no longer have a separate page to manage, we agree going between two pages proved to be a task so we scrapped it and now have an all in one page! 

New button to add a category, service and add on services. Purely to minimise how many buttons are on the screen and we think it looks pretty neat!

Other features included in this update:

  • Clicking availability on the admin calendar now shows ‘get booking link’ option, you can use this to send a client a direct link to an exact time slot with a chosen service/price/duration. More on this later.
  • Fixed Maximum Booking Days Feature (System Customization)
  • Fixed html showing in customer emails. Preview of new marketing generator in MARKETING! SNEAK PEEK!
  • Fixed bug affecting editing existing working hours.
  • Added – if you now have feedback or an issue to report you can email this address and you will be raising a ticket with us, this will be automatically added to our workload and you will receive updates on this. Click Help on the left side bar for non urgent fixes!
  • Added ‘user provides all services’ button on STAFF SETTINGS.
  • Added warning when people try and remove a ‘user provides all services’ user from a service.
  • Re-wrote the whole services screen, removed categories screen.
  • Fixed some reloading issues on the Alerts notification bell.
  • Added collapsable hint boxes all around KiBook.
  • Vouchers used by clients are shown on ORDERS if you click their appointment.
  • Option to now mark deposit as paid when adding manual appointments!
  • Other various API fixes for performance and stability improvements.

Let us know what you think, if you have any issues to report or feedback please email and this will be raised as a ticket and added to our work tasks!

– Ash & Andrew

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