Using KiBook for Group/Custom bookings!

Using KiBook for Group/Custom bookings!

There are a multitude of ways you can use your KiBook calendar to make it work for your business! From Salons, beauty therapists, personal trainers to dog groomers the list goes on! We have a few options for using KiBook for classes or groups rather than solely 1-2-1 appointments. 

The first option is you can add working hours to your KiBook account, these working hours will allow anyone to book on any available working days. You can create services and change the service attendance level to ‘8’ for example, this will allow 8 users to book in for one time slot using your KiBook booking link.

The second option is you can leave working hours blank and instead manage your availability directly on your KiBook appointments calendar, this means you can manually add availability if and when you please. For example, you could create availability for this Friday 10am-2pm and the time slot would show for this Friday and only this Friday! Again, you can create services and ensure the service attendance level is set to the number of clients you wish to be able to book for one class 🤩

The third option is you can create an available time slot on your KiBook appointments calendar, click this time slot then click “Get Link” this will generate a custom booking link which you can manually send to clients this will allow the client to book this slot and only this time slot allowing you to keep your diary private. You can send the one link to as many people as you would like booked into that time slot, please ensure you set the attendance level on your services to the number you would like to be able to book! You can read our help guide and watch our video tutorials for this here!

All options allow you to manage your diary in a unique way to you whilst still receiving deposits and clients will receive confirmation and reminder emails. All KiBook accounts come with a 30 day free trial so please feel free to sign up and explore KiBook and learn the ropes and see how it works for you – we have  also created help guides to assist you here!

You can also click Help to the left of your KiBook account to view all guides/watch video tutorials and to contact our help desk 💚

– Ashley & Andrew

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