QR codes have landed!

Bookings made easier!

We’re excited to launch another feature to all KiBook accounts – QR codes are here!

A QR code is a matrix barcode, it is scannable on mobile devices to take you to websites or points of interest! We have launched QR codes personalised on each of your KiBook accounts which you can post to social media, attach to price lists, window decals and other business items so that customers can scan this code and be taken directly to your KiBook booking link!

Why did we think QR codes would be a good idea? Well, some KiBook booking links can be lengthly depending on the user’s business name and we wanted to implement a way you could include your booking system into your social media posts/salons/business premise and advertisements without having a long URL everywhere. The QR code keeps things short and sweet! 

We have already seen some of our user’s taking full advantage of the Marketing section on KiBook and we’re delighted! It’s important for small businesses to keep costs as low as possible while still being able to do the most – this is why we love to incorporate things like the marketing section without raising our prices. We want you to do the most 💚

How do I access the QR code? Login to your KiBook Account, head to My Business and then Marketing. You will find your Marketing Media which will allow you to create social media cards with customisable text, backgrounds and themes. Once you’re done creating you can switch the QR code button on and this can be downloaded directly to your device and posted at your convenience or sent on to create business cards/price lists etc. Click here for help

How can customers use it? All you have to do is open your camera, point at the QR code and you’ll be taken to KiBook in your browser!

Please tag us @kibookcouk if you do use your QR codes, we love seeing how you put your KiBook account to use! 


– Ashley & Andrew 

Ps. We’ve snuck in the following updates, fixes and improvements! 

– New un-cancel and un-checkout buttons on appointments!
– Emails were being sent when un-cancelling appointments, resolved
Performance improvements : Dragging time slots on desktop improved, glitch fixed
Add-on service’s bug fixes for iOS, issue when assigning to category – resolved
Calendar performance improvements, now shows full day automatically without clicking “Show Later”

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