Colours Of The Rainbow Update! + more

Colour coded appointments + Multi bookings

You talked, we listened and here we are with another exciting update to KiBook Appointment Software! Not all updates can be so visually appealing as we do a lot of work in the dusky background making code changes so we’re extra excited when an update includes something our users can see with their own eyes! 

Multiple service booking is here! 

Clients can add as many appointments to their cart as they like and book multiple services with as many staff members at once! Why not be able to book in for your hair with a fantastic stylist and book a time slot for directly after with a divine make up artist! 

How do clients book more than one service at a time?

Add an appointment to your cart, click the home icon and select another service – both will be added to your cart so clients can book across different staff members! 

Colour coded appointments are here! 

You can now set a custom colour for services so they will appear as this colour on your KiBook appointments calendar! Add a new service or edit any existing ones, brighten up your calendar or just make it clearer to see which services are which!

How can I set custom colours for appointments on my calendar?
Add a new service or click on an existing one, scroll down if you’re on mobile and you’ll see the COLOR box which lets you set a custom colour!

That’s all for now but we have already begun working on the next update and are working our way down our issue/feature requests list! Any time a user reports an issue to us ( or requests a new feature, we add it to our task board which we review individually daily and together during a team meeting once a week. This way we make sure we’re prioritising the right things and can discuss what we believe is achievable. 

Hope you like!

– Ashley & Andrew!


Other bug fixes: Voucher uses reduce when redeemed by client, glitch repaired
Colour coded appointments New font on appointments calendar 
New coloured themes, changing the colour of your KiBook now saves on all devices! 
Performance improvements New voucher type to “skip deposits” 
Search function improved (searching for clients/apps etc at the top right of KiBook)
Categories/services/add-ons are more obvious if they are enabled or disabled 
Various performance improvements to improve quality

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