We have an app!

We have an app!

At KiBook we’re always onto the next thing, once we’ve repaired or launched a new feature we’re immediately looking into what the next stage is. How long will it take? Do people want this? Where do we begin? It’s a long process and we may not have reached all of our goals just yet but we have managed to achieve one. Or should I say two!

KiBook is now available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store FINALLY! 📱

As a teeny Scottish business we are over the moon to launch our very own app and we hope you are too, it’s taken us a bit of time to learn the ropes of app life. We’ve been learning how to build an app from scratch, meanwhile picking up on all the requirements set out to us along the way. It’s been a massive challenge but Christmas has come early for KiBook Appointment Software 🎄

Please join us in downloading the KiBook App and leave us a review on your app store!

Ps. KiBook is still used on desktop/laptop/various tablets! This is just a mobile app for our users who are on the go 💚

Thank you for everything.

– Ashley & Andrew

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