New Check Out Screen + Custom Themes, Other Updates!

New Check Out Screen + Custom Themes, Other Updates!

In the latest update to KiBook systems we’ve added a new functioning Notification Bell, New Customer Check out Screen, New Custom Themes and more. We’ve also pushed a new update to both our Apple App and Google Play App for bug fixes regarding the Google Maps integration and issues with Book Now button, all issues have been repaired and performance improvements snuck in along the way!

Notification Bell: When a customer places a store order or a booking, you receive a confirmation email and so does the client but now you’ll also have a notification pop up on your KiBook Dashboard! You can open the notification, view any orders and click on each one to view the order details or Mark All as Read. 


Custom Themes: If you login to KiBook on a desktop/laptop you can click the colour picker and choose your own theme to match your branding. This will change the colour of your entire KiBook account including your Booking Screen and Receipts/Emails! We love this update, why shouldn’t you be able to make your booking system your own? 

New Customer Check Out / Booking Screen: We have completely revamped the check out screen, this includes a new floating bar at the bottom which alternates between the “menu” and basket! We love love love this. It’s been given a whole new tidier look and made we’ve made the online store more obvious to customers, it now functions better on mobile devices AND you can set a custom colour theme to match your business branding! 

Catch Up: We got to this point by actively reaching out to our KiBook users via email, social media polls and reviews. We created mock ups of various thoughts we had, we put them forward and gained the feedback we needed to start taking the next essential steps.

Recently our users have informed us of their thoughts on our newest mobile app now that it’s been in use for a few weeks, we are currently working on auto-fill and facial recognition for both apps to improve the login experience and we’ll keep working on it but mostly the feedback is positive which is great news. Bigger things we’re looking into including analytics and integration for tax reports we are also switching screens around to improve our user experience. 

– Ashley & Andrew

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