Group Bookings, Limited Period, Face ID/Touch ID for mobile app!

Group Bookings, Limited Period + more updates!

Hello, this is our first blog since over the Christmas/New Year period! It’s a strange one for us, we’re currently in a national lockdown due to COVID-19. So what do we do during a lockdown? We work on KiBook and fire out as many updates as possible, so that’s exactly what we did!

The first part of our newest update focuses mainly on our Services page, we’ve added more options to set your services/bookings to set days of the week, limited periods throughout the year and can be bookable by as many clients per appointment as you like! It sounds like a lot but, we’ve added all of into together into one sleek box on the same services screen we’ve always had! It’s easy to access and mega easy to edit! 

Service Availability When you add/edit a service you can now edit the service availability by limiting which Day Of The Week this service is bookable by clients. This option allows users to limit which services or classes they perform on certain days of the week. 

Limited Period –We received feedback from some of our users via social media – Some stated they wanted to limit bookings/services to certain periods throughout the year for special events. We have now added this option into the Service page meaning users can add a service which is only available between Feb 12th 2021 – Feb 14th 2021 and this will successfully limit users to this date. This is common among users who hold training/workshops/special events for holiday periods in order to limit clients to certain dates. 

Group Bookings/Classes 🎉  This is something we always had on KiBook but it needed mass improvements to become usable to our current users. We know this is highly requested and we’re aware some of our customers are still in the progress of this feature or if they do offer it, it comes at an extra cost which is something we never want to do on KiBook. When we release a new feature this goes out to all accounts regardless of their user tier. 

Face ID/Touch ID for mobile app!

At the beginning of January we released a KiBook Admin app update for Apple App Store and Google Play Store allowing all KiBook Account Owners to login via Face ID/Touch ID depending on the device. This has now allowed users easier login, KiBook automatically logs users out after a while for security but this handy update has made the process one step easier! 

We hope to have much more to share soon, from one update to the next we’re improving small things in between while trying to remain in communication with our users to make sure we’re always working in the right direction. We know for certain all features announced in this post were highly requested so we’re pleased to be able to launch these and in return hopefully make work life a tiny bit easier when it comes to the admin/booking side of life!

– Ashley & Andrew

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