Password protect your diary!

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No extra charge, no hidden costs!

We’ve launched a new feature which allows you to completely close off your availability to anyone who doesn’t have the password!

You can switch this feature on or off any time and even change the password as often as you like. The benefit of this is you can control who books an appointment with you and when, if you work from home for example you can guarantee a bit of extra security by protecting your details! If you find yourself only taking on VIP clients, this could be the solution for you! 

This is available now on all KiBook accounts, as always when we implement a new feature we don’t add an extra cost on top of this. When we say no hidden fees, we mean it. We don’t offer “pro accounts” at this stage each account has access to all features and we intend to keep it this way. 

Click through the photos to see exactly how to do this on your KiBook account!

As always we’re an email away if you need anything. Thank you everyone for sticking with us through all the good, the bad and the changes, we have plenty of positive changes coming this summer and we can’t wait to share with you all!

– Ashley & Andrew

(co-owners + co-founders)

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