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Sending emails to your clients comes with responsibility, we ask that you do not over do it and do your best to send a reasonable amount to avoid annoying anyone. Clients can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the footer of your emails, this is automatically applied so don’t worry 💚

Please don’t be shy if you have any questions or need a little bit of assistance, we’re just an email away!  all feedback welcome 🙏 

Life Update – We’re so grateful to all of the support we’ve received through our KiBook platform from the top of the Shetlands right down to the bottom of England, it’s amazing KiBook is growing more each day! These last couple of weeks we’ve been sending some KiBook marketing packs out to our clients which includes leaflets, stickers and business cards who have offered to promote us within their own businesses and we’re now working towards launching a partnership program! KiBook summer update is coming soon and you could honestly never. It’s HUGE.

– Ashley and Andrew 

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