Frequently Asked Questions


NO! We’re aware some platforms allow you to use a “free” account but then send a rather large invoice as soon as you start receiving bookings through your link or social media BUT we absolutely do not do this and never will!! 

You pay a monthly fixed subscription to us as we feel this is plenty for us, we’re two members of staff so we do rely on the monthly subscription but nothing above this is necessary! Promise 💚

Sign up by clicking here 

You need your business name, contact info and your billing info so you can set up your account to receive deposits!
All accounts get a 30 day free trial so please go and explore!

Fair question! We know some things just don’t work out, please send us an email to cancel with your name, business name and the date you wish to cancel – no questions asked!

If there’s anything you want to chat about first send us an email and if you ever want to give it a second try please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

YES! When creating a service you can set how many clients can book this at the one time, so for example a service called Lash Training could allow 4 clients at once, meaning 4 different clients will be able to book in for the same time slot! So If one client books this then another 3 will be able to as well. 

You can also send out a custom booking link that will let you create a booking for a client/s, when a client clicks this link the booking will automatically add to their KiBook cart. You can still take a deposit and send this link to one or multiple people to control which day and service they’re booking!

Read more here

We’re a tiny Scottish start up with two members of staff, we work on every aspect of KiBook from development to design to bits of customer service etc so as much as we would love to, it’s just not possible for us to set up your account but we will be on hand by email. Please take full advantage of your 30 day free trial and check out our help guides below!

Start up guides

We haven’t come across a business type we can’t support yet! 

Right now we have;

make up artists
lash/brow/nail technicians
dog groomers
dog walkers
web designers
cake makers
tattoo artists
tour guides
+ more!

We’re email only, if you have checked over our FAQ’s and looked through the help guides then you can send us an email to

Please keep in mind we’re a very small team of two from Scotland so replies are within 24 hours. It’s email only, no phone calls and we don’t respond via social media due to security. If you are a customer of KiBook then you’ve already been added to our private instagram so go check us out @kibookcouk 

You can set your standard working hours whichever way suits you, for example you can add a time slot of 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11:30-12:30 (to allow a break of 30 minutes in between!) Or you could create a time slot of 9am-5pm so clients can book whichever services whenever suits during that day. 

You can also manage your diary without allowing clients to view your working hours or available appointments. You can read more about that here

Yes! We have so many different business types with us at KiBook so we’ve implemented as many custom options as possible so it works for all! 

When creating a new service you will be asked which days of the week this is bookable, simply uncheck any days you would prefer clients cannot book this service! 

You can also set an expiry date on a service for any promotional purposes or for training/masterclasses and so on!

Absolutely!! When you sign up for KiBook we ask if you want to keep your address private or if you want this displayed on your booking system for clients to see. You can set this any time in your Business Info page! 

If your address is set to private, this will only be sent to the client by email after they have placed a booking through your system.

If you have any safety concerns please get in touch, your privacy matters to us!

When a client or you books an appointment on your system they are immediately sent a confirmation email and so are you! Clients then receive a reminder email 48 hours ahead of their appointment 💚

Your KiBook app will notify you of new bookings and reminder emails!

Always ask your client to check their junk mail if they claim they have not received one, we don’t miss a beat!

If you have any issues with customers please let us know as soon as possible, you can login to to block customers this will prevent their card details and matching contact info from re-booking.

Your safety is of the upmost importance to us, email –


Yes! When you sign up for KiBook you agree to a monthly or annual payment subscription, you can cancel your KiBook account any time and we will cancel off the payment too. Otherwise this will continue to renew!

If you are on a 30 day free trial, you must cancel before the trial ends to avoid any charges!

Your monthly subscription payment can be cancelled any time, you’re not locked into any scary contracts! 

You can change your payment date and update your bank card details any time in the billing section of your account 

Want to change the bank account your receive deposits into? No problem, login to to do so!

We have pricing tiers which are inclusive to all small businesses! 

One member of staff/ sole trader – £10 per month
2-5 staff or locations – £20 per month
5-10 staff or location – £35 per month

Custom plans available, if you’re not sure pop us an email

We encourage you take deposits to secure your bookings and reduce the risk of no shows! When you take a deposit through KiBook the card details are captured through Stripe in order for you to charge the remaining balance later.

All payments are processed through our partner payment provider (Stripe) and are deposited into your bank account. Payments are paid out every 48 hours, weekly or monthly on any date of your choosing. 

Download the Stripe app to view your payments or send refunds!

Login to on laptop/desktop to update your Settings including Bank accounts, scheduling/when you receive deposits and more!

Although KiBook doesn’t take a percentage % of your payments, Stripe does take a (1.4% + 20p for European cards) per payment similar to other payment providers. 

If a client books an appointment on KiBook and pays a deposit, Stripe will vault these details to be charged at a later date. This is so you can charge the remaining balance for the client at their appointment on the system – the payment will go to your Stripe account and will charge the card they used to book!

You can also use this to charge the remaining balance in the event of a no show, provided your terms and conditions are clearly stated on your KiBook, you cannot add any additional fees on top of what is owed. 

How? Click an appointment then click Take Payment!

Read more about this here

Yes! KiBook is charged based on how many calendars/staff members/locations you have so if you only need one calendar its Single User, up to 5 users/locations is Multi User and up to 10 users/locations is Multi User Plus!

You can notify us of any changes to your KiBook account and we’ll upgrade/downgrade any time!

Ps. you can also switch to annual payments instead of monthly for your KiBook account!

User Support

You can control how far in advance you receive bookings! There’s a couple of options, change your maximum booking days to 90 days for example to limit to 3 months in advance. 

You can also have no set working hours and instead add availability if and when you choose to on your appointments calendar! 

Alternatively, you can password protect your KiBook to control who books an appointment and when. 

YES! Absolutely, you can add Leave/Breaks onto your calendar any time you want to take any! 

Alternatively, you can leave time gaps between your working hours to allow space for that break every day/week! For example, you could have working hours set to 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm which would leave a one hour time slot between 12pm-1pm for lunch! 

Not yet, but we’re working on it! 

Whenever we launch a new feature we’ll be sure to notify you directly to your account, by email and on social media!

If you click onto a clients appointment either on your appointments calendar or by searching their name, you will see a bright red cancel button! Don’t worry, you can click this again to un-cancel at any time if this is a mistake!

Cancelling an appointment will only send the client an email to say the appointment has been cancelled, it will not automatically refund any deposits – you can manually do this through the Stripe app if you choose to do so! A cancelled appointment will show as a red block on your calendar

Not at this stage, if you want deposits to your own bank account we recommend creating your own KiBook account. 

As soon as we launch a new feature we’ll be sure to notify you by email, within your account and on social media!

Please keep in mind we’re a tiny start up with two members of staff and we’re releasing new features constantly and some are more important than others so we work our way through them!

At this stage there are only two of us working at KiBook and only one of us does the customer relations (Ashley) so we must decline phone calls and meetings. We stick to emails so we can confirm security

We share up to date info daily to our socials @kibookcouk if you’re a client of ours you’ll be added to our close friends on instagram!

We are a small family run business so we appreciate your understanding while we grow!

You can limit how far in advance a client can book an appointment by setting the days in your Booking Customization page! Read more

You can passsword protect your KiBook account and limit who books appointments or do this to manage your diary privately on your own! Read more 

Yes! Login to KiBook and head to Marketing, you can sync your clients in here to your MailChimp account and send mass emails any time!

Send newsletters, updates, promo codes whatever you like but please avoid being too disruptive to client’s email inboxes 💚

Here’s how!

Ask the client to refresh their screen and try again. If they’re still experiencing the issue then go onto your own booking link to confirm if it’s the clients phone/laptop/wifi. If you can see the issue please email us as much detail (client name, service, date/date) any screenshots or screen recordings would be amazing! 

Thank you, we really appreciate you trying yourself first because we can’t be around 24/7 as much as we would love to be so this helps us get to it quicker 💚

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