KiBook Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for KiBook?

    All you have to do is click here and enter a few details to sign up!
    During the sign up process you’ll set up your monthly payments to us using Stripe, your first payment will be after your 30 day free trial ends!

  • Will you renew my subscription automatically?

    Yes, your subscription will automatically renew month to month until you tell us otherwise!

  • Can I change my plan later on?

    Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The money paid for the previous subscription will be recalculated to the new plan, we won’t change your payment date just the amount owed on the monthly subscription payments!

  • When/How do I get my deposits?

    If you choose to take deposits these are paid by the customer at the time of booking, they use their bank card to pay via Stripe. Stripe handles all of your payments and will pay these into your chosen bank account. We do not have access to your payments so you can only access them through Stripe!  www.stripe.com


  • I don't have set working hours, what can I do?

    We understand each business will handle their diary differently so we’ve given you a few options to manage your schedule!

    You can have set working hours for example Mon-Fri 9-5 and this will allow clients to book any time slot within this schedule

    You may choose to have no set working hours and instead manage your diary manually by adding availability to any select date when you please! You can add and delete availability on your Appointments Calendar 24/7

    Clients can only book appointments for dates you have set working hours or availability on!

    Read more here

  • How do I refund a customer?

    Refunds are at your discretion but you can do this using the Stripe app or whichever payment method you prefer. You cannot refund through KiBook as we do not have access to your payments!

  • What happens if I cancel a client’s appointment?

    A cancellation email will be sent to the client to confirm the booking has been cancelled. The time slot will free up on your calendar but this will NOT refund the customer. 

  • Can I keep my diary private?

    YES! You can manage your diary privately and prevent clients from booking appointments at their own will! You will still be able to manage your Appointments Calendar and manually book customers in, however clients will not be able to see availability on their end. You can use this to close your diary, take long term leave or to manage privately!

    You may close your diary to the public if you like by clicking “System Customization” on your KiBook account then edit your maximum booking days. Set your booking days to -1 if you wish to keep your diary private to prevent clients booking appointments!

    You can still click your Appointments calendar and then “Get Link” to create a custom appointment link to send to a client, this will allow the client to book in for this select time slot and only this time slot! Find out more here  

  • Can I take no-show/late payments?

    In the event that someone has booked a deposit and paid with their bank card, Stripe will vault the card on file so that you may charge the remaining balance of an appointment IF a client has not shown to an agreed appointment or complied with the terms and conditions outlined by your business. Payments are processed using Stripe, you can read more here

    To take a manual payment – click their appointment and click the “Take Payment” button this will go to your Stripe account. Please ensure your terms and conditions are always up to date in “System Customization”

  • Are you able to set up my KiBook account?

    We can absolutely give a helping hand if you’re struggling but it is important you set up your own KiBook account and get used to the system, we unfortunately cannot be available on hand 24/7 so there may be a time you begin to offer new services or just want to edit existing ones and may not know how to input them yourself!

    We have created a help guide with instructions and video tutorials and when you sign into KiBook for the first time you will be taken through an automated tutorial!

    Help guide – Click here

    For any assistance please email – help@kibook.co.uk

  • What is KiBook?

    Great question! KiBook is an online booking system (web app) designed for small business owners who are appointment based. KiBook was originally written as a no-thrills alternative to other systems, we trialled other systems and just felt each one had aspects we liked but none had all features combined or if they did the cost was not worth it to our small appointment based business. So, we made our own!

    KiBook is beta appointment software, it’s by small business owners and written for small business owners. We expand our features as much as possible whilst keeping the system stable and not increasing the price of our monthly subscription. We do not ask users to pay for additional “pro” features, we do not keep any secrets and in fact share newsletters and social media posts with our tips on running your business and communicating to customers while encouraging a good online presence. We aim to cover your needs and make managing your appointments and clients easier! We aim to help you protect your business and salary with deposits and no show payments.

    – Ashley & Andrew

  • Is there a KiBook app?

    YES! You can download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store here – app.kibook.co.uk

    However, KiBook is an online web app you can use this in your browser on ANY device at any time! Login through your dashboard or click Sign In on our website!

  • How do I cancel my KiBook account?

    At this present moment we require users to contact us so we can manually cancel/terminate KiBook accounts and cancel the monthly Stripe subscription payments. Please note if you are on a 30 day free trial you must contact us before the end date of the trial period to avoid automatic payment charging your bank card via Stripe. If you cancel during a billing period you will be required to cover the final payment for the time used on KiBook.

    We are working on automating this service but in the mean time just send us an email letting us know your full name, business name and when you wish to cancel your account from to – help@kibook.co.uk

    We will cancel your Stripe subscription payment to us but if you wish to cancel your Stripe account you can login to do so – here

    We understand KiBook beta appointment software may not be for everyone, we can only try to do our best and we’re happy to hear any feedback you may have that could help us improve! Don’t worry, we don’t bite! You are welcome back at any time, please don’t feel like this is goodbye forever!

    Ps. Looking to freeze your KiBook account or struggling to make payments? Please get in contact, we would be glad to help!

  • What is Stripe?

    Stripe is the payment platform we have integrated with KiBook to allow your customers to make payments! Customers can pay for deposits, you can charge the remaining balance of a service by clicking “Take Payment” on an appointment – this allows you to manually charge the bank card on file. Stripe allows bank cards to be vaulted so that you may charge them for the remaining balance of a service on the day of an appointment instead of cash and to charge late cancellations/no shows.

    Stripe do take a percentage of any payments processed through their systems which includes deposits, the remaining balance if this is charged to the bank card on file. If you only take deposits through your KiBook account then Stripe will only take a percentage of the deposit amount – read more here

    We are verified Stripe partners meaning we can escalate any situation you may be experiencing with Stripe. If there are any issues you must try to contact Stripe directly, however if you need further assistance we can escalate in this scenario!

    All payments are SCA approved.

    Stripe groups your payments together and pays these out to your bank account on your preferred date – read more here

    We believe Stripe offers you payment protection and allows you to protect your business from not receiving payment when it is owed!

    About Stripe here.

    If you’re still unsure, please get in contact. We understand it can be a little confusing, we’re happy to help as much as we can! Email – help@kibook.co.uk