KiBook is a small business, we’re a team of two people (Ashley, Andrew plus two young interns who we are currently teaching programming and web design to!) operating from Glasgow in Scotland, this means we do not have additional staff helping us with bug fixes, performance improvements or messages so everything you see is entirely by us!

We aim to support small businesses in need of appointment software and an online presence, we use KiBook for our own self employed businesses too! We don’t believe in hidden costs, so we don’t charge for additional features, we charge based on the amount of staff that will be bookable through the system. We believe in keeping costs low and affordable to suit small businesses like us 💚

KiBook is a platform which is now used across the entire UK!!
We work on and update regularly, we are always improving!
Every single sign up gets us a step closer towards our goals and we want to be able to expand our team so that we can continue to offer more 

– Ashley & Andrew

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